Sunday, 30 March 2014

National Team Selections

So I've taken some time off, this post wasn't something I was ready to relive right away but I feel better about it now after distancing myself from it a bit and here we are (buckle up this one's a bit of a bumpy ride).

We travelled to Richmond for the National Team Selections early and had three training days on ice before racing started.  The first two practice days went well and all we had to do on the third day was some practice relays.  In the third relay I fell on my own and crashed awkwardly into the boards.  I injured some muscles in my back and was in quite a lot of pain (still am a little bit).  On the first day of racing my back hurt so much that I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to race but luckily I was able to see a physio and make it through the day.

The second race day I fell again and hit my head hard enough to break my helmet.  I didn't finish that first race and was still getting checked out by the doctor minutes before my final and didn't end up skating that race either.  The rest of the competition kind of went downhill from there with some bad luck and bad races and I ended up finishing about ten spots lower than my original ranking.  I spent more of the competition than usual in tears and it was honestly probably the worst competition I've ever skated.

It was a rough way to end the season and suddenly instead of being happy that the season was over I was wishing I had more time, a chance to try again.  On the plus side this whole experience has allowed me to re-focus and I am now motivated to start summer training and working towards next season.

time to move on and keep looking forward
Now that we're officially into the off season I will have time for more posts and less "skates" and more "and stuff" I'm thinking of doing some nutrition and health posts but if you have any other suggestions or interests let me know!

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