Monday, 24 February 2014

Taking Care of Myself When Sick and Jamieson ProVitamina E Review

I have slowly but surely returned to the land of the living!  Last week I started going back to training and lucky for me it was reading week at school and also a recovery week at skating so I was able to ease myself back into exercising and being out of the house.  After being sicker than I have been in years I feel like I now have some new insights into how to take care of myself when I'm sick when my mommy is far away in another province.

I think one of the hardest things for me was remembering to eat.  I was so sick that I had zero urge to get off the couch and make some food but I didn't want to lose any muscle mass so I forced myself to eat regular meals and drink lots of fluids and found that I would often feel better once I had eaten.  Another thing that made me feel marginally better was not wallowing in my own filth.  I cleaned my room, I washed my sheets, I showered on a (semi) regular basis, one night I even put on makeup and regular clothes and went to dinner with some friends (by regular clothes I mean black leggings and a sweater).
I'm trying so hard to look like I'm not dying is it working?
I think that the most important thing I learned through this horrific flu experience though was not to push myself too hard.  The one day I went back to training and school was so draining and not worth it because I felt so much worse the next day and probably delayed my recovery a bit.  Because of this I opted not to race this weekend in hopes that I will be fully recovered to skate national team trials #2 next month.

During my week from hell I did make a life changing discovery.  You might remember that I described my face as being "so dry it felt like it was going to fall off" so once I was feeling well enough to walk to the mall across the street I went on a mission to find something to repair my poor skin.  I would like to point out that this was not just a red nose but skin so dry that my eyelids were burning (I didn't even know dry eyelids was a thing that could happen).  I went to Shoppers and picked up the only face cream I saw that said it was for "dry and very dry" skin because at this point I didn't even care if I was going to break out (it also happened to be on sale, score).

I ended up with the Jamieson ProVitamina e Moisture-Rich Nourishing Cream.  It comes in a pretty big tub (compared to other face creams I have used) and doesn't look like anything fancy but oh my goodness does it work.  I used it overnight and by the next day my face looked like my normal face again!  It even helped heal up an acne scar that would normally take much longer to look that much better.  It is very thick but hasn't caused me to break out at all so I've continued to use it every night and sometimes during the day, I even wore it under makeup the last few days and didn't break out at all.  Since using this cream my face looks smoother and my skin looks healthier and I have to use so little of if that it will probably last forever.

This is about how much I used 
I will admit that where I live it is very dry as well as very cold right now so if it is warmer or damper where you are or if you have oily skin this might not be for you and I probably won't continue using it if it gets hot and humid during the summer but for right now this is the perfect product for my situation.

Bonus picture of the view out my bedroom window right now, it's just encased in ice

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