Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Last Competition

The last competition of this season starts on Thursday so I don't have a lot to report today.  We travelled last night to Vancouver since the meet is happening at the Richmond Olympic Oval.  We have practice ice and weights sessions between now and the start of racing to get used to the ice and the altitude and the time change and then four days of racing and then it's all over.  This is the last competition of what feels like the longest season ever and I'm so excited to be done but first and foremost I'm excited to race; racing is the fun part of skating and I haven't done it in a while since I was sick during the most recent competition.  Right now I'm just trying to keep positive and motivated so that I can have the best competition possible and know that I have done everything I can to succeed.

sidenote: obviously I will not be posting anything next weekend as I will be racing

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