Wednesday, 8 January 2014


2013 is finally over.  For me it was a year of great accomplishments but it also had it's hardships and disappointment.

2013 was the year that I got moved up to the top group in the oval program so I now train with girls who are on the national team every day.  While this was very exciting it also took some adjusting I was now at the bottom of the group instead of the top and I had to adjust to different coaches (I love the coaches I have now but everybody's different).  The 2012-2013 season was also the first season that I skated national team trials and the first year I got a national ranking.

Patrice Laponte
Summer of 2013 I struggled with training and being sick and tired and got in a bit of a mood that was hard to snap out of but did manage turn around eventually.  I got a little discouraged though so that's why I'm making my first new years resolution to give 100% at practice every day.  This wouldn't have been a resolution I would have had to make any other year but this year I'm going to try to stay motivated and give my all at practice even if I don't feel good on the day.

The one other thing I want to do in 2014 is to break out my camera more.  I barely used it last year at all and I really enjoyed using it when we went on the hike on Christmas Eve.


  1. Awesome resolutions! I wish you well :) x

  2. Good luck with your trainings - you can do this! :)