Saturday, 15 February 2014

Help, I'm Pathetic

It's Saturday so that means it's blog post day! I don't know if I ever told you guys that Saturday is new post day but I decided it was a while ago and so here we are. I'm trying really hard to post something every week but it's a little difficult especially since I have done nothing all week except for sit on my couch.

Monday morning I woke up with a bit of a cough but I thought nothing of it and went to training.  I had done one of our three relays and I was still coughing and my lungs felt a little bit like they were burning so I very dramatically told my coach "I think I'm dying."  Of course my coach knows by now that I can be just a tad overdramatic so she had me do one more relay and take the last one off.  I took the afternoon off training in the hopes that I would feel better and be able to do more the next morning (which was a harder session) but that evening I got a fever.  I still had a bit of a fever Tuesday morning so I took the whole day off.  Wednesday we didn't have training so I didn't do anything that day either except for clean my whole room because I was honestly getting really tired of sitting of my couch.  On Thursday I was so tired of doing nothing that I got up and went to skating.  I didn't really do anything, just skated around by myself and did a bit of a bike in the afternoon but I may have slightly jumped the gun in going back to training.  On Friday I felt worse and stayed in a onesie on my couch all day and had no desire to move (happy Valentine's day).  Today I am (thankfully) feeling a little better but just going out into the world briefly has left me completely exhausted and my face is so dry it feels like it is going to fall off.

I have now missed an entire week of training.  I've been on the ice twice in the last eight days and I haven't done weights at all in the last week.  I'm trying not to freak out because when I look in the mirror it still looks like I have muscles and I know one week isn't going to erase a whole season of training, but with just over a month until second trials I am really hoping that I'm feeling immensely better by Monday (please please pleaseeee) because I really need to get back to training.

Moral of this story: get a flu shot every year

If any one has any tips on how to beat a cold/the flu let me know because I am currently feeling very terrible and pathetic and would like to not feel like this anymore.

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