Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Off Season

It's June now; something that a lot of people would say marks the beginning of summer (although you wouldn't be able to tell from the rain outside) and that means a break from school and a break from racing.  We are officially in what is called the "off season."  Although "off" season suggest that there's time off involved but our break from training started in March and ended in April.  The only difference between now and the racing season is that we're doing less on ice training and we're not racing.
Beautiful "summer" weather in Calgary
One constant companion of this off season has been exhaustion.  We've been spending countless hours on tiny technical elements, on the bike, in the gym, and on skating specific exercises off the ice.  There's been so much training in skating position that my knees have become my worst enemies and ice packs my best friends.
My new nightly ritual
There's something almost satisfying though about barely being able to get out of bed in the mornings and being so sore that stairs are a struggle.  Every ache and pain is a sign of something getting stronger, of getting better and until I actually can't walk I'll take them as good signs.

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