Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day as a Single Pringle

I'm someone who has always been single on Valentine's Day.  The closest I have ever gotten to having a Valentine's Day date was when me and my best friend went to see the movie Valentine's Day and realized walking out of it what day it was.  I don't know if it's because I've almost always been competing and/or out of town but being single or 'alone' on the 14th has never really bothered me, I've never really bought into the whole idea that I was in a way obliged to feel sad that I didn't have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day because what's the point?  I have plenty of other people that I love anyways.

I'm going to be spending my day with my roommates and maybe some friends and maybe even part of that by myself and that's ok!  It's just a day after all right?  And if it's a day that gives me an excuse to watch rom-coms or to eat chocolate I don't see anything wrong with that.

Although it's not for me, I know that for some people Valentine's Day can be sad or upsetting but if it's supposed to be a day of love why can't it be one of self love?  Here's a little bit of what my day looks like; happy Sunday and happy Valentine's day!

The Creative Fight - Chris Orwig
The Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick 
Essie Nail Color in Fiji

Or if you're really determined to be sad about 'the one that got away' there's a playlist for that here

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