Sunday, 3 July 2016

New Plan

I had a plan.  It was a good plan.  It was a smart plan.  It was a good, smart plan.  I was going to become a real person, I was going to fully enter society, I was going to become self-sufficient, I was considering leaving #athletelife behind.  But then I was offered something I couldn't turn down, if I did I would always look back and wonder "what it?"  So now I sit in a new room in a new house in a new country where the dream I though was dead has been resuscitated.  It was difficult to wrap my head around at first, this new opportunity that I wasn't sure I'd earned, and yet I felt I couldn't refuse.  And so once again I commit myself to the sport I've poured so much of myself into but this time, just for a second, it seems to be giving me something back in return.

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