Sunday, 28 September 2014

An Open Letter to My Best Friend Niela

Hey Niels,

     I'm writing you this great public declaration of my love for you because I didn't get you a going away gift. This is all I have to offer you.  I was going to get you something, I was going to make a nice little going away gift basket with a cute mug from Starbucks and some other small travel/going away goodies but I ran out of time to send it to you because we all know Canada Post takes about 27 years to deliver anything. So here we are.
     First of all don't freak out. I will admit that what you're doing is scary but think of how exciting it is! When I first moved to Calgary I was completely fine until the morning my dad left and that was when I started panicking but there were so many people here in the same situation that I was in and I can guarantee it'll be the same for you so it'll be easy to make friends (you're like a super likeable person anyways so you'll probably end up with too many friends ... don't forget about me).
     Mostly I just want to say that you're super brave and I'm so proud of you and you're making me seriously consider doing things that I honestly thought I would never do.

I love you and miss you always,

This is still one of my favourite pictures of us

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